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To use this site all you need is the Vehicle Identification Number "V.I.N" from your vehicle. Once you find that go to the home page and select the brand of automobile you have, that will take you to your manufacturer's page to type your V.I.N in. If you do have a open recall find the locator to find the nearest dealership and give them a call. Recalls are a free service the dealership has to perform on your car. Only reasons they will deny your car is if it has a branded title or salvaged title.

‚ÄčThis site was built to provide a fast, free and convenient way to look up your personal car's history on open recalls. I work in the automotive world and more specially at a dealership. I seen cars sold that was never checked for recalls..mainly because they were used cars and not the brand of the dealership I work at. My sister came by and bought a used car from us..a few months after buying she told me it was overheating. She brought the car to me, which wasn't our brand and I had a technician diagnose it, turned out it was a upper intake gasket leaking the antifreeze out and causing it to overheat. I quoted my sister the repair but I decided to call the local dealership of that brand..Guess what? There was a open recall on that specific issue. I called my sister back and told her about it. Saved her 500 dollars or so. This got me thinking of the countless cars being sold used and the new owners having issues and just taking to a local shop and paying for the repairs. Chances are a percentage of those cars could have been fixed for free. I'm a average working class guy and just want to help with safety of the cars on the roads. Thank you for visiting this site and feel free to use it anytime, It just might help you save some money.